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We provide OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) service to customer. It means we will produce adhesive with your components requests, packing design and printing.



For ODM program, the adhesive and packing material will use MAGPOW standard items, and we can design the printing with your logo or company name.



Following documents and agreements are required by processing an OEM/ODM program.

1.       Technical documents for adhesive(ODM do not need)

2.       Customers’ company profile Authorized by government or chamber of commerce.

3.       Patents of adhesive and packing in goal market the products will be sold.

4.       The OEM/ODM agreements signed by both sides. Download

5.       Privacy Policy will be signed if customer need.


Please find the following products that we recommend to do a ODM producing, we already have cooperation with many famous group and have many experience to help you developing new markets.


- Epoxy adhesive (Small packing , daily use)

- Silicone Sealant

- Wood glue

- Contact cement/ Neoprene glue

- Super glue (card packing, sell in super market, chain-tool shop)


More information about OEM/ODM business please contacts us for further negotiation with us.