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The Labor Day

The Labor Day

The Labor Day is past, and the holiday is always flowing away quickly. Where do you go to the holiday?  I believe that many of us, though living on Labor Day, do not know the true origin of Labor Day. Today, I will give you the development of the Labor Day.

The landmark event of Labor Day and its significance

The "May 1 Labor Day" originated from the global workers' resistance movement in the 1980s and 1990s. The landmark event was July 1889, the Second International, represented by Engels, and the Workers' Congress in Paris, France. The meeting decided to hold an international laborer's parade on May 1, 1890, and decided at the meeting on May 1st of each year as the "International Labor Day."


   The Labor Day      The Labor Day       

In China, the Central People's Government Administrative Council eagerly considered the interests of the working class. In December 1949, May 1 was identified as the Chinese Labor Day and officially incorporated into the national holiday.

Therefore, the "May 1 Labor Day" is also known as the "May 1 International Labor Day" or the "International Demonstration Day." The main spirit is to free the working class from the harsh conditions of long working hours, poor working conditions, low treatment, and mental and physical torture. Through independent struggle, the unscrupulous class suppresses and strives for legitimate rights and interests with a tenacious spirit of resistance. This is a historic progress in democracy in the history of human civilization.

This is the origin of Labor Day. I hope that everyone can remember this past while playing, and we are as passionate about work as the workers of that era! ! !