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Methacrylate adhesive
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Methacrylate adhesive

This product belongs to the second era crylic acid structural glue developed by the freshest technology from German. It has rapid solidification at normal temperature, multi-purpose, powerful strength, long shelf life, powerful peel strength, aging-resistance, climatization- resistance and easy for mixing operation and application. It can availably adhesive the surface with a little water or oil. The general function is better than common structural glue.

Scope of application:
Quick adhesive and seal for metal, plastic (PVC, ABS, PS, PC), pottery, wood, polystyrene, glasses and cements etc. or quick bond and repair of motors, motorcar, tractor, electric engines, instruments ,washing machine, crafts, weaving machine, metallurgy and smelting machine and refrigerator etc.

Using Method:
Remove the oil, dust from the surface and keep clear, dry.
2. Paste evenly at 1:1 from two tubes, paste separately on each side and press for solidification. Normally solidify after 5-8 at normal temperature, reach the highest at 24 hours

1. The taking glue tool could not mix use, should be tightly sealed,
do not mix Cap A and B.
2. The glue quantity should not exceed, use at the scene. The operation place should be ventilate and far from fire.
3. Avoid the skin contact, if touches the skin, clean with soap water, if touches the eye carelessly, uses the massive clear water flushing immediately, go to hospital for serious situation.
4. Do not get into mouth, keep out reach of kids.
5. Make a trial usage in advance to avoid mistake.

Storage and packing:
1. Keep cool under 20℃, keep dry, seal,valid within one year. Avoid direct sunlight.
2. Preserve and transport as non dangerous products. Can be transported..
3. Packing:20ml/box(200boxes/carton). 20ml/card(100card/carton). 80ml/card(80card/carton). 80ml/box(80boxes/carton). 2Kg/plastic bottle.

Technical Feature :

Name of product


Applying time( ℃ )

First solidify time
( 25 ℃ ,min)

Shear strength
(Steel-Steel, MPa)

Auto-parts glue

Component A is light blue thick liquid, no machine impurity
Component B is light red thick liquid, no machine impurity

- 30 ~ 100

≤ 10

≥ 10