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5 Minutes Rapid Clear Epoxy Adhesive
Item number:
Auto motive epoxy adhesive

Packing Specifiction:20g/set,12sets/inner,12inners/ctn

Carton Meas:41.5*25*42.6cm

5 Minutes Rapid Clear Epoxy Adhesive is based on the room temperature, having the features of:
(1) solidifying rapidly within 3-5 minutes,
(2) suitable for small parts and structural strength
(3) can be used after one hour
(4) quick set and high adhesive performance
(5) can be lacquered and waxed
(6) waterproof and chemical medium
(7) joint layer is clear and elastic

Main Component:
A component is the modified Epoxy Resin, B component is modified Sulfur hardener

Scope Of Application:
The products of this series are widely used for bonding of metal and non-metals, connecting, sealing and repairing of hard materials, construction, automobile components, electronic components, also for usage in the material of pearls, jade, arts and crafts, antique etc.

Using Method:
1.The surface should be clean and dry, without oil or wax
2.Take down the cap, pierce the seal, squeeze out evenly (A:B=1:1). cover the surface with glue based on the mixing of the two components evenly,
3.Press it according to the actual condition.. it could achieve the using intensity after the solidifying for one hour during the normal temperature, it is suggested to operate at above 5℃.

1.It must be even for the mixing of the two components during the adjusting of the glue. Quantity should not excess to much.
2.Tighten the caps after usage .Do not mix the cap of part A and B.
3.Wash the additional glue on the hands or the surfaces of bonding materials by alcohol before its solidifying.
4.Avoid touching with the eyes and skin directly. If getting touch with the skin, please wash them at once by using of a cloth with dipping of alcohol before solidifying, then, clean them by soap and warm water. If getting touch with the eyes, please wash them immediately with plenty of water, and see the doctor for serious situation.
5.Take strict precautions against touching by the kids and entering into the mouth.

Storage And Packing:
1.Stock the products with air-tight seal in the environment of shade and dry. The shelf life is one year. It is available to use based on passing of the test if being beyond the shelf life.
2.Preserve and transport as non dangerous products.
3.Packing specification: 20g/card, in tube.

Technical Feature :

Name Of Product

Item Code

Component Rate

( A:B )


Setting time (25℃ mix glue 3-8g)

Tensile shear Strength (25℃*48h,Steel-Steel)

5 Minutes Rapid Clear Epoxy Adhesive


A:B=1 : 1

Clear color or light yellow thick liquid for both Component A and B

3-5 Mins

≥ 10MPa