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30 Minutes Epoxy Adhesive Cement
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Auto motive epoxy adhesive



30 Minutes Epoxy Adhesive Stick is fast solidify epoxy adhesive, easy to operate, does not have the pollution, cementation strength, bears the aging, water resistant, bears the weak acid weak base, the shrinkage is low, is not cracked, the insulating property is good, after the glue line solidifies characteristics and so on hard like steel.

Main Component:
A component is the modified Epoxy Resin mucus, B component is modified Sulfur hardener and filler.

Scope Of Application:
The products are widely used for bonding, repairing, sealing of metal, pottery, dimension stone, concrete, glass etc. And its main application is to seal the pipes, repair the cleaning tools, seal of the swimming pools, housetop, washing room, basement, balcony, solar installation, casting parts, cultural relic repairing, instrument antisepsis, realty management, construction, engineering maintain, pipes connecting of small and bigger, mold making etc.

Using Method:
1.Clean and dry the surface after getting rid of the oil, dirty, rust. If the surface is smooth, it is required to make the surface to be rough firstly, then clean and dry.
2.For usage of glue cement, adjust the glue A and B according to the component rate as 1:1. Then, mix them to be single color by agitating evenly. For usage of glue sticks, please cut a proper quantity, temper it to be even and single color. The operation should be completed within 3-5 minutes after mixing evenly. During the operation, please press the glue hardly and strictly on the adhesive surface. The glue would stiffen as hard as steel after one hour. Then, go on polishing, planning, drilling, painting or machining. 24 hours later, the glue would achieve the max intensity.

1.It must be even enough for the mixing of the two components during the adjusting of the glue. Do not use the rest glue for the second time.
2.Clean hands with a cloth dipped by alcohol, then wash hands with warm water and soap before solidifying if hands have touched the glues.
3.If application in winter, please heat the glue and surfaces to be bonded till the temperature arrives at room one, i.e. 23±2℃.
4.Take strict precautions against touching by the kids and entering into the mouth.
5.Wash the eyes for 15 minutes with water if eyes touch the glue, see the doctor for the serious situation. .

Storage And Packing:
1.Stock the products with air-tight seal in the environment of shade and dry. The shelf life is one year. It is available to use based on passing of the test if being beyond the shelf life.
2.Preserve and transport as non dangerous products.
3.Packing specification: 57g/barrel, in plastic barrel.

Technical Feature :

Name Of Product

Item Code


Applying time(25℃,3-5g)

Setting time(25℃,3-5g) 


Tensile Shear Strength (25℃*48h,Steel-Steel)

Shear Strength


Cylinder, A component wraps outside with color of gray even mud; B component wraps in with color of white mud

20-30 Mins



80-85 D

≥ 8MPa