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Contact Cement 301 1L
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Contact cement / neoprene glue



The product is the single component of volatile dry type adhesive with perfect performance of high first adhesive ability, high performance, especially suitable for the bond of soft and hard materials.

Main Component:

Scope Of Application:
This product is mainly used in mechanism, electron, appliance, shoes-making, leather. Also could be used for the bond of leather, wood, glass, metal, porcelain. Fireproof board, plastic board, man-made board,

Using Method:
1.Clean the joint surface and dry.
2.Smear the glue on both sides of joint surface. Fold and press after proper drying.
3.Dry for 48h could reach using intensity, the max intensity after 6 days.

1. The operating environment should be ventilated, keep away from the fire.
2. Avoid the eyes and skin contact. If skin contact, wash with water and soap, if eyes contact, wash with water and go to a doctor.
3. In case of delaminating, mix thoroughly.
4. Take strict precautions against touching by the kids and swallowing.

Storage And Packing:
1.Stock the products in the air-tight seal at the temperature of 10-35℃. The shelf life is one year. It is available to use based on passing of the test if being beyond the shelf life.
2.Preserve and transport as flammable products.

Technical Data:


Light yellow mucus


brown mucus

Viscosity ( 25 ℃ ,mPa.S)


Solid Content (% )

24 ± 2

Peel Stress (25℃*48h, canvas-canvas N/2.5cm)

≥ 70