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Wood Glue 500g
Item number:
Wood glue / white glue

This product is water polymer emulsion, has the characteristics of high viscosity, non-toxic, not smelly, dry quick and so on


Main Component:
Polyvinyl acetate emulsion unit,water,filler.


Scope of application:
50% solid content mainly for water-solubility construction coating raw material, to the lumber, the paper, the leather, the linter fabric, the cement and the foam plastics and so on has the good binding property, may serve as the books wireless to bind, cigarette, boding and sizing of fabrics.
40% solid content is mainly for wood processing, cigarette and bonding and sizing of fabric. 30% solid content mainly use as sticks for paper, small lumber, available in paper processing (paper pulp chemical additive, paper soaking, spreads cloth to help medicinal preparation), fabric processing, cement intensifier, handicraft production and culture and education office supplies bond.
25% solid content mainly uses in the officing, printing, the paper box processing, the low-grade paper tube processing, the handicraft and the paper caking and so on.


Using Method:
1, The joint surface must be clean, dry.
2, Spreads the glue on the joint surface, presses till solidification, maintains for 24 hours under the room temperature to achieve the use intensity.
1, The iron barrel packing is strictly prohibited
2, The using temperature should be 10 ℃ or above; After agglutination product before solidification, also should maintain in 10 ℃ above. Otherwise will cause viscosity drop if the emulsion not form good cover.
3, Wipe the bottle mouth clean after use, cover rapidly for usage next time.
4, IF the glue with half coagulation condition please mix evenly, does not affect the viscosity.
5, The water content of wood should be controlled between 8~15%,more or less content will affect the viscosity quality.
6, Do not get into mouth, keep our reach of kids.


Storage and packing:
1, The product should be stored at temperature 5~37℃ in sealed non-metal container, prevent from freeze and high temperature. The shelf life is one year from date of production. It is available to use based on passing of the test if being beyond the shelf life.
2, If the glue slightly freezes, should place in 30~40 ℃ greenhouses the full alleviation, and stirs evenly, does not affect the use. If the glue long time receives seriously freezes, cannot alleviate, appears agglomerates, the lamination even emulsion breaking, then cannot continue to use.
3, Preserve and transport as flammable products.
4, 500g/bottle, 1000g/bottle, 5kg/barrel, 15kg/barrel,in plastic bottle(barrel)


Technical Feature:





Viscosity( 25 ℃ ) , m Pa.s

Shear Strength , MPa

Solid content(%)

25% Solid content


The cream color mucilage, does not have the obvious granule and the eyewinker



≥ 4

25 ± 2

30% Solid content




≥ 4

30 ± 2

40% Solid content




≥ 5

40 ± 2

50% Solid content




≥ 5

50 ± 2