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PVC Glue 125ml tube
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PVC glue




PVC adhesive is a single component solvent glue, whose main component is chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. It is specially used to bond hard PVC and its fitting with advantage of easily spread, quick dry, anti-corrupt, anti-hot water and high strengthen, etc.


Application Scope:
This PVC glue can be used for PVC, UPVC, CPVC pipes,for Cold and Hot Water Systems.It is suitable for the cementation of hard PVC drainpipe, the sewage pipe (including the UPVC pipe and the CPVC pipe) and the pipe fitting.


Using Method:
1. Ensure the joint surface to be dry, clean and oil-free.
2. Paste glue on the surface, press at once (not allowed to press after airing).
3. Fix place in 5-10 minutes,have intensity in 2-3 hours,reach usage intensity after 24 hours.


1. The operating environment should be ventilative and should keep away of the fire.
2. Avoid the skin and the eye contact, if touches the skin, clean with soap water, if touches the eye carelessly, uses the massive clear water flushing immediately, go to hospital if serious situation.
3. Close tightly after use to avoid evaporate.
4. Do not put into mouth and keep out of reach of children.


Storage and packing:
1. Stock the products in cool and dry place. The shelf life is one year. It is available to use based on passing of the test if being beyond the shelf life.
2. Preserve and transport as flammable products.
3. Packing: 125ml/box in aluminum tube; 125ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml/tin in iron tin.


Technical Feature :







Light yellow or semi transparent thick liquid

Viscosity( 25 ℃ ,MPa.s)

≥ 300

≥ 1000

≥ 6000

Solid content(%)

13 ± 2

15 ± 2

22 ± 2

Compress Sheer strengthen
(hard PVC-hard PVC,25℃*72h ,MPa)

≥ 7.0

≥ 7.5

≥ 7.5